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The First Step

The Who?

I was born and raised in a beautiful village in the southern city of Garut, Answerarat. With a background and long experience working in the creative digital industry, Startup Companies & technology and Communication companies in Indonesia.

Giriawas - Cikajang - Garut

Career Journey


Career for more than 8 years in the field of Digital marketing and Digital Creative Agency

Community & Network


In the Indonesian technology community, relatives, work partners, my profile is also very attached as a FIC figure = founder, initiator, conceptor, collaborator and connector both in the startup world and in the creative agency world.“Walk the Talk” is a concept that I stretch out in my work, trying to find creative solutions in innovating.Active as a mover, founder, connector of various fields in the Indonesian Creative Digital IndustryTake an active role as a mentor for the MSME program assisted by the Ministry of SOEs, Community Partners at several universities in Indonesia as well as a teacher at the Pijarmahir & Islamic Boarding School Go Digital program.My mission as “The Real Connector” Behind Many Impactful Projects & Community.

Giriawas - Cikajang - Garut

Personal Achievement


Be active in the world of content creators by creating podcast channels on Spotify & YouTube. Under the name Teknologi Digital Merubah Hidup Kita!
A podcast channel on spotify / Youtube that discusses everything related to the use of the latest digital technology in everyday life.The podcast channel Teknologi Digital Merubah Hidup Kita! is intended as a medium with the following objectives:- Inspiration Room,
- Talk & Sharing Room,
- Science Room,
- Self Upgrade Room,
- A connecting space for the Digital and Creative Technology ecosystem in Indonesia,


The Lialison of Digital Technology Industry in Indonesia

I will always be the 'wirehub' that provides Synergy Space for many parties and can connect with each other.

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Founder/Mentor/ Author / Initiator/ People Connector/ Conceptor/ Collaborator/ Content Creator
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Website: www.digital.web.id
Spotify : www.sptfy.com/moffy
Instagram : @teknologidigital
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